Have you already got a photo of yourself or someone else but it just needs a little extra push? Is there a photo you love but something annoying is in the background? Do you want to see a photo in a different colour format or resized?

As well as taking photos, I also offer a retouching service.

Here some examples of photo retouching I’ve previously done for clients:

Also, here’s a video of the editing process on a headshot that I’ve taken myself.



When booked with a photography session, a certain amount of edited images will be included in the package cost. Individual images on top of the packages will be £10 for one and +£6 for every extra one after that.

Retouching on its own depends on the size of the job and amount of files. The more files there are, the lower the cost of each individual image. A typical portrait retouch (as seen in the video example) would be around £10 for one, £20 for 3 or £30 for 5. However, please enquire as I can give you an exact amount when I know details of specific projects.